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Who is Piiics ?

We are are a young startup, composed of a passionate and bold team and we recently blow out our first birthday candle! 🎂


Our mission : Becoming the number one (irreplaceable) partner of your memories by offering you a terrific digital photo printing service! 😍


Our secret will: Breaking the image of costly and tedious photo printing exclusively reserved for big occasions. We wish to allow you to print easily and very quickly all your memorable moments ( the little ones like the big ones 😋)


our secret will n° 2: Revealing to the whole world your best kept selfies !


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Keep up to date with the current offers, trends and other (cool) photo tips… and be the first to hear about the latest news from Piiics!

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Immerse yourself in our fun and glittery universe! You’ll find plenty of games, beautiful pictures inspirations and a few (adorable) baby animals.

Entrust us with your questions and little problems (worries), we remain available at all time and are  here to help you (to listen to your requests).... no matter what !


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