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Print your photos

Get 50 free Prints or a free Photobook every month.

You only need to pay for tiny delivery charges.


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How does it work ?

  • Download the app

    Piiics is an exciting mobile app available on iOS and Android for free. Once you have got used to it, you’ll never want to be without again! 😋

  • Choose your product

    Whether you’re keen to create a vibrant photobook or to display your most treasured moments with magical prints, we help you bring your memories out of your smartphone into your life 📱

  • Select your photos

    Simply pick your snaps from anywhere in your smartphone. You can upload them from your favourite social media ... Instagram? Facebook? and much more 📸

  • Customise

    Give free rein to your imagination with our cutie stickers, stunning filters, delightful templates and other magical creations 🎀

  • Receive your product anywhere

    At home, at a loved-one’s place in Europe, in wonderland or in a pick up and go location 💌


Our products


Who is Piiics ?

We are are a young startup, composed of a passionate and bold team and we recently blow out our first birthday candle! 🎂


Our mission : Becoming the number one (irreplaceable) partner of your memories by offering you a terrific digital photo printing service! 😍


Our secret will: Breaking the image of costly and tedious photo printing exclusively reserved for big occasions. We wish to allow you to print easily and very quickly all your memorable moments ( the little ones like the big ones 😋)


our secret will n° 2: Revealing to the whole world your best kept selfies !


our mobile app on iOS and Android.

And enjoy now your free photo products.


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